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Release notes v0.12.0

Here are some highlights of this release. For a full list of updates available for Release v0.12.0, check out the Function Mesh change log.

Enhance Pod security context and container security context

In previous releases, Function Mesh Operator applied a security context to the Pods. To ensure Pod and container security, the Pods should follow the Restricted policy. Therefore, in this release, we updated some codes to enhance Pod security context and container security context. For details, see security context.

Support scaling replicas to zero when HPA is disabled

In previous releases, the replicas parameter is used to set the number of instances to run Functions, sinks, or sources. By default, it is set to 1. In this release, Function Mesh supports setting the value of the replica to 0 to stop the function/source/sink when HPA is enabled.

Support configuring multiple PVs for a function

To configure individual PVs for each Pod, we add spec.volumeClaimTemplates to the Function CRD. The volumeClaimTemplates provides stable storage using PersistentVolumes provisioned by a PersistentVolume Provisioner.

Allow passing Function Mesh Operator configurations through the environment variables

When you deploy the Function Mesh operator using OLM, you can configure the Function Mesh Operator through the environment variables. For details, see configure Function Mesh Operator.