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Function Mesh

The serverless framework purpose-built for event streaming applications


Build serverless event streaming applications that respond immediately to events. Craft materialized views using stateful functions or sink connectors.


Seamlessly leverage your existing Kubernetes infrastructure to deploy Pulsar Functions, Pulsar IO connectors, and event streaming workloads, and bring powerful new cloud-native capabilities to your applications.

Your favorite language

Build event streaming applications using your favorite languages, such as Java, Python, and Go.

How Function Mesh Works with Apache Pulsar and Pulsar Functions

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About Apache Pulsar

Apache Pulsar is a cloud-native messaging and event-streaming pla tform built for Kubernetes. It is widely adopted for messaging applications and data-streaming applications and for companies moving to multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies.

Apache Pulsar is known for its super-set of built-in features, including:
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Scalability
  • Geo-replication
  • Unified Messaging
  • Durability

Apache Pulsar is often adopted to replace monolithic, single-tenant technologies such as Apache Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, RabbitMQ, Active MW, and more.

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About Pulsar Functions

Pulsar Functions is a computing infrastructure native to Pulsar. It enables the creation of complex processing logic on a per message basis and brings simplicity and serverless concepts to event streaming, thereby eliminating the need to deploy a separate system such as Apache Spark or Apache Flink.

Pulsar Functions is not intended to be a full-power streaming processing engine nor a computation abstraction layer, rather, the benefits of Pulsar Functions are in its simplicity.

Pulsar Functions supports multiple languages and developers do not need to learn new APIs, which increase development productivity. Common use cases of Pulsar Functions include simple ETL jobs, real-time aggregation, microservices, reactive services, and event routing.

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What is Function Mesh?

  • A Kubernetes Operator to run Pulsar Functions and I/O connectors natively on Kubernetes, unlocking the full power of Kubernetes' application deployment, scaling and management.
  • A serverless framework to orchestrate multiple Pulsar Functions and I/O connectors for complex streaming jobs in a simple way.

Why use Function Mesh?

  • Streamline the management of Pulsar Functions and connectors, particularly when multiple instances of Functions and connectors are used together.
  • Utilize the full power of Kubernetes Scheduler, including deployment, scaling and management, to manage and scale Pulsar Functions and connectors.
  • Enable Pulsar Functions and connectors to run natively in the cloud environment, which leads to greater possibilities when more resources become available in the cloud.
  • Enable Pulsar Functions to work with different messaging systems and to integrate with existing tools in the cloud environment (Function Mesh runs Pulsar Functions and connectors independently from Pulsar).

Function Mesh & StreamNative

Function Mesh was open-sourced by StreamNative to enable Pulsar Functions users to streamline operations and achieve new use cases. StreamNative was founded by the original developers of Apache Pulsar and provides a real-time streaming platform powered by Apache Pulsar and Apache Flink. StreamNative Cloud, provides a cloud-native, real-time messaging and streaming platform to support multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies. Find out more about StreamNative Cloud.