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Version: 0.15.0

Release notes v0.14.0

Here are some highlights of this release. For a full list of updates available for Release v0.14.0, check out the Function Mesh change log.

Update the Statefulset configurations

The VolumeClaimTemplates describes a list of claims that a Pod is allowed to reference. In previous releases, when you updated resources, some unmodified fields of the statefulset (or other Kubernetes resources) may be changed even with the same YAML file. This causes a failure in updating existing functions, sinks, or sources and results in an infinite reconciliation loop. In this release, this property is specified at the first time when you create a function, and it cannot be modified when you update the resource.

You can only update the following fields for a StatefulSet.

  • replicas
  • template
  • updateStrategy
  • persistentVolumeClaimRetentionPolicy
  • minReadySeconds

Clean up subscriptions and intermediate topics

Function Mesh only passes the cleanupSubscription to the function details, but this configuration does not work on the Function Mesh cluster. In this release, the cleanupImage configuration is added, which is used to remove the subscriptions created or used by a function when the function is deleted. If no clean-up image is set, the runner image will be used. In addition, you can also configure the generic or OAuth2 authentication for deleting these subscriptions and intermediate topics.

Synchronize function prototype data properties

The Pulsar community introduced some prototype data properties. In this release, these properties are synchronized to Function Mesh.

  • Add the Manual delivery semantics to functions, sinks, and sources.
  • Add the CompressionType configuration to functions and sources.
  • Add the SkipToLatest configuration to functions.
  • Deprecate the autoAck configuration.