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Version: 0.10.0

Release notes v0.7.0

Here are some highlights of this release. For a full list of updates available for Release v0.7.0, check out the Function Mesh change log.

Introduced more configurations for Function Mesh Worker service

  • General options

    In this release, a general option usingInsecureAuth is introduced to Function Mesh Worker service for enhancing the insecure authentication handler to parse the authParameter from the configuration file.

  • Customizable options

    In release v0.5.0, Function Mesh supported setting multiple log levels and log rotation policies for different Pulsar function runtimes. In this release, you can set log levels and log rotation policies for Function Mesh worker service. For details, see customizable options.

Download packages/functions using init container

In this release, a downloaderImage option is introduced that specifies the image that is used to install the init container. The init container is responsible for downloading packages or functions from Pulsar if the download path is specified.