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Version: 0.16.0

Release notes v0.9.0

Here are some highlights of this release. For a full list of updates available for Release v0.9.0, check out the Function Mesh change log.

Support health checks

Kubernetes provides several probes to monitor and act on the state of Pods (Containers) and to ensure that only healthy Pods serve traffic. With these probes, you can control when a Pod should be started, ready for service, or live to serve traffic. Implementing health checks using probes provides Function Mesh a solid foundation, better reliability, and higher uptime.

For details about how to configure health checks, see health checks.

Support validating Pulsar configurations using Webhook

The spec.pulsar and spec.pulsar.pulsarConfig options are mandatory for creating and updating a Pulsar function, source, and sink. In practice, it is impossible to set default values for them. Therefore, in this release, a validating webhook is introduced to validate Pulsar configurations. For details, see messaging.