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Version: 0.9.0

Release notes v0.1.11

Here are some highlights of this release. For a full list of updates available for Release v0.1.11, check out the Function Mesh change log.

Move to

In this release, we moved to because some Kubernetes versions are deprecated and eventually removed. This table outlines the version relationship between Function Mesh and the Kubernetes server.

Function Mesh operatorKubernetes 1.16Kubernetes 1.17Kubernetes 1.18Kubernetes 1.19Kubernetes 1.20Kubernetes 1.21Kubernetes 1.22

Apply function-mesh services with Istio service port naming convention

In this release, we verified the compatibility of Istio on Function Mesh by applying the Istio service port name convention. We renamed the port with a <protocol>[-<suffix>] format, such as http-metrics-service, to take advantage of Istio's routing features.

Support more controller manager parameters for Helm charts

In this release, we exposed some parameters for the Function Mesh Controller Manager. Therefore, you can customize them for a particular purpose. For example, you can set pprof.enable to true if you want to enable pprof when installing the Function Mesh Operator. For details, see Install Function Mesh through Helm.