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Version: 0.11.0

Release notes v0.5.0

Here are some highlights of this release. For a full list of updates available for Release v0.5.0, check out the Function Mesh change log.

Set function log levels

In this release, Function Mesh supports setting multiple log levels for different Pulsar function runtimes. By default, the log level for Pulsar functions is info. You can use the spec.log.level option to specify a particular log level. Or, you can customize a log configuration file based on your requirements and reference to the log configuration file by using the spec.log.logConfig option. For details, see set log levels.

Build function images using Buildpacks

To deploy a function to a Pulsar cluster, you need to package the function into an artifact or build the function into a Docker image.

Starting from this release, you can use Buildpacks to build a function image through multiple buildpacks. Buildpacks help customize your code as required, change the runner base (pulsar-function-<runtime>-runner) of a function image, and switch the runner image versions without building the function again.

For details about how to build function images using Buildpacks, see the Function Mesh documentation.