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Version: 0.1.4

Monitor Pulsar Functions

This document describes how to monitor Pulsar functions with Prometheus.

Monitoring with Prometheus

Prometheus is a monitoring and alerting system. It handles the multi-dimensional data. When you deploy Function Mesh in a Kubernetes cluster, the monitoring is setup automatically.

Pulsar Function metrics

All the Pulsar Functions metrics are labelled with the following labels:

  • cluster: cluster=${pulsar_cluster}. ${pulsar_cluster} is the cluster name that you have configured in the broker.conf file.
  • namespace: namespace=${pulsar_namespace}. ${pulsar_namespace} is the namespace name.
pulsar_function_processed_successfully_totalCounterThe total number of messages processed successfully.
pulsar_function_processed_successfully_total_1minCounterThe total number of messages processed successfully in the last 1 minute.
pulsar_function_system_exceptions_totalCounterThe total number of system exceptions.
pulsar_function_system_exceptions_total_1minCounterThe total number of system exceptions in the last 1 minute.
pulsar_function_user_exceptions_totalCounterThe total number of user exceptions.
pulsar_function_user_exceptions_total_1minCounterThe total number of user exceptions in the last 1 minute.
pulsar_function_process_latency_msSummaryThe process latency in milliseconds.
pulsar_function_process_latency_ms_1minSummaryThe process latency in milliseconds in the last 1 minute.
pulsar_function_last_invocationGaugeThe timestamp of the last invocation of the function.
pulsar_function_received_totalCounterThe total number of messages received from source.
pulsar_function_received_total_1minCounterThe total number of messages received from source in the last 1 minute.
pulsarfunction_user_metricSummaryThe user-defined metrics.