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Version: 0.1.10

Release notes v0.1.4

Function Mesh v0.1.4 provides a serverless framework purpose-built for stream processing applications. It brings powerful event-streaming capabilities to your applications by orchestrating multiple Pulsar Functions and Pulsar IO connectors for complex stream processing jobs.

Function Mesh is a valuable tool for users who are seeking cloud-native serverless streaming solutions. Key benefits include:

  • Utilize the full power of Kubernetes Scheduler, including rebalancing, rescheduling, fault-tolerance, and more.

  • Make Pulsar Functions and connectors run natively in the cloud environment, which leads to greater possibilities when more resources become available in the cloud.

  • Enable Pulsar Functions to work with different messaging systems and to integrate with existing tools in the cloud environment.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Provide Function, source, sink, and FunctionMesh Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) to manages the whole lifecycle of a Pulsar Functions, Pulsar IO connectors, and your event streaming application.

  • Support deploying Function Mesh to Kubernetes clusters through Helm.

  • Support defining Pulsar Functions, Pulsar IO connector (source and sink), and Mesh through YAML files.

  • Provide a migration tool to migrate existing Pulsar Functions to Function Mesh.

  • Provide runner images on Apache Pulsar 2.7.1 to build event streaming applications using your favorite languages, such as Java, Python, and Go.

  • Provide the Function Mesh Worker service to manage connectors through the pulsar-admin CLI tool.