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Customizable options

To facilitate submitting Pulsar functions based on your requirements, Function Mesh Worker service provides some customizable options.

clusterNameStringN/ANoThe Pulsar cluster of a Pulsar function, source, or sink.
inputTypeClassNameString[BNoThe map of input topics to Java class names.
outputTypeClassNameString[BNoThe map of output topics to Java class names.
maxReplicasInteger0NoThe maximum number of Pulsar instances that you want to run for this Pulsar Function. When the value of the maxReplicas parameter is greater than the value of replicas, it indicates that the Functions controller automatically scales the Pulsar Functions based on the CPU usage. By default, maxReplicas is set to 0, which indicates that auto-scaling is disabled.
envMap < String, String >N/ANoThe environment variables being attached to a Pod that is created by the Function Mesh Operator for the cluster.
managedBooleantrueYesConfigure whether a Function, source, or sink can be managed or unmanaged.
vpaSepcvPASpecN/ANoThe Kubernetes VerticalPodAutoscaler settings. For details, see Kubernetes documentation.
serviceAccountNameStringN/AYesThe name of the service account that is used to run Pulsar Functions or connectors in the Function Mesh Worker service.
runnerImageStringN/AYesThe runner image to run the Pulsar Function instances.
logLevelStringN/ANoThe log levels for Pulsar functions. For details, see log levels.
logRotationPolicyStringN/ANoThe log rotation policies for Pulsar functions. You can set the log rotation policies based on the time or the log file size. For details, see log rotation policies.
runnerImageTagStringN/ANoThe tag of the runner image that is used to submit a function, source, or sink.
hpaSpecHPASpecN/ANoThe Kubernetes HorizontalPodAutoscaler settings. For details, see Kubernetes documentation.