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Version: 0.1.11

Function Mesh Worker service overview

This document gives a brief introduction into Function Mesh Worker service.

What is Function Mesh Worker service

Function Mesh Worker service is a plug-in for Pulsar. It is similar to Pulsar Function Worker service but uses Function Mesh operators to schedule and run functions. Function Mesh Worker service enables you to use the pulsar-admin or pulsarctl CLI tools to manage Pulsar functions and connectors in Function Mesh.

How Function Mesh Worker service works

The following figure illustrates how Function Mesh Worker service works with Pulsar proxy, converts and forwards function and / or connector admin requests to the Kubernetes cluster. The benefit of this approach is that you do not need to change the way you create and submit functions and / or connectors.

Function Mesh Workflow

Version matrix

This table lists the version mapping relationships between Function Mesh and Function Mesh Worker service.

Function MeshFunction Mesh Worker service
- v2.9.1.x (v2.9.1.1-v2.9.1.2)
- v2.8.2.x (v2.8.2.0-v2.8.2.2)
- v2.8.1 x (, v.
- v2.9.2.1+
- v2.8.2.3+
- v2.10.0+
- v2.9.2.13+
- v2.8.2.14+